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Curated Resources

Every week we curate interesting articles, research and opinion pieces from Canada and around the world that may provide value to our alumni and other governance professionals. Here are a few of the items we shared:

The Globalization Of Corporate Governance: the rise of authoritarianism will require boards to reorient their agenda to more closely focus on global trends and events

Qualities To Look For When Choosing Board Members For Your Micro- To Mid-Sized Company via @forbes

Four common biases in boardroom culture: What behavioral psychology can tell you about the human dynamics of your board

How private company boards are leading for what’s next – focused on innovation and culture as keys to long-term growth as they oversee risks for their organizations

What are frontier risks and how can we prepare for them? Decisionmakers must widen their field of vision to consider risks that could emerge as humans push new frontiers.

No More “Mystery Meat”: A Case for Better Corporate Governance Data. The field of empirical corporate governance is a poster child of the growing use of data as a key pillar of informing and shaping research

Boyden Executive Search Board Leadership Panel: board directors across the industry spectrum discuss the changing business landscape, governance practices, identify arising opportunities/anticipate risk and the skillset and composition of the board of the future. 

Transparency between the Board of Directors and the executive leadership team, stakeholders, managers, employees, and customers improves a Board’s decision-making skills.

A Boardroom and CEO Cheat Sheet on Chaos and Systemic Risk

Why Startups Are Increasingly Prioritizing Corporate Governance As Their Businesses Scale

The Boards Role During a Crisis and Beyond

Do Employees Benefit From Worker Representation on Corporate Boards? workers in firms with worker representation do see some benefits

Creating a Meaningful Corporate Purpose: 5 Critical Considerations

Without good governance, companies will struggle to successfully implement good practices on the environmental and social fronts

Human rights and environmental due diligence are key for business: the EU will set the pace for companies and their boards

The Business Benefits Of Corporate Social Responsibility Impact Assessments

How ESG and Social Movements are Affecting Corporate Governance: Stakeholders are starting to look closely at what companies preach in their corporate cultures, including their commitments to ethics and sustainability

The board’s role in embedding corporate purpose: Five actions directors can take today via @McKinsey

Another report, same Dey: New guidelines on corporate governance and how the role of the corporation in society has significantly evolved

Create Your ESG Road Map To Meet Consumer And Investor Demands For Transparency

The EU is moving ahead with mandatory ESG disclosure – what does it mean for Canadian companies?

How to Bring ESG Into the Quarterly Earnings Call – Stop treating environmental, social, and governance strategies as a sidebar and integrate them into regular financial reporting

Corporate Social Responsibility Is Not Only Ethical, But Also A Modern Business Tool

Five ESG Concerns for Corporate Boards with a Social Conscience

A Living Wage: The Latest ESG Challenge For Corporate Governance

Why boosting workplace mental health is good for business: a central concern in a growing number of boardrooms

From the boardroom to Wall Street, ESG fluency is an essential component of successful contemporary risk management for boards

Companies that incorporate ESG into their overall strategy, risk management, and operations are better able to present their story on why and how they create value.