Custom Courses

Built to Suit Your Needs

Is your board achieving its continuous learning and professional development objectives? Our gold standard governance education programs can be custom-designed to the unique needs of your organization and your board.

Offering a range of tailored programs that provide a deep dive into specific board issues and emerging trends, or a higher level overview on the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of board directors, popular courses include:

  • Developing High Performing Boards—Heavy focus on leadership, group decision-making and change management. What should directors know and do to enhance board effectiveness?
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and the Role of the Board—Focus on topics such as ESG reporting, codes of conduct, ethics, B-Corps, sustainability, purpose, long-term value investing, and more.
  • Innovation Governance—Explore how boards can contribute to an organization’s innovation agenda.
  • Digital Literacy for Board Directors—Leverage the benefits and avoid the risks associated with new and emerging digital technologies.
  • Risk Assessment, Management, and Compliance—What directors need to know.

All of our custom courses follow proven teaching methodologies to bridge to ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’ gap, going beyond theory to prepare directors for the real world with the knowledge and insight needed to be an effective board member.

Focused on equipping directors with the tools to advance transformative governance, our team will work with you to assess your learning goals and create a program that meets the unique and immediate needs of your board.

Contact us to learn more by e-mail /or call us at 1-855-905-4943 to discuss your board’s custom course.

The Directors College experience has been nothing short of exceptional, with an immediate benefit to the boards on which I serve. Without hesitation, I recommend The Directors College and its programs.

Silvia Martini, Vice-President, Interlink Research Inc.