Perspectives from The Directors College

The Beach or Innovation Governance?

Why one board member traveled from the other side of the world to become a member of the Innovation Governance for Board Directors Class of 2018

A message from Dr. Michael Hartmann, Principal of The Directors College

Dr. Hartmann shares a new and emerging theme that will be weaving its way through a number of The Directors College activities and programs in 2018: Innovation Governance.

Innovation Governance: How Proactive is Your Board?

Innovation is a priority for the Canadian Government and it needs to be a priority for Canadian companies as well in order to compete and grow. And, the board has an important and proactive role to play.

Navigating Risk & Reputation in a Digital Age

The new imperative of cyber awareness underlines the need for increased board diversity of all kinds – age, gender, communities, and skill sets. The Directors College’s short program on innovation governance which explores the value-creation, but also the complexities and risks of an innovation strategy. This balance should be the goal of any organization, and thus any board, she maintains.