Managing Reputation in Times of Disruption: Lessons in Real Time

On April 14, in the first installment of The McMaster Collaboratorium, Principal of The Directors College, Michael Hartmann and guest panelist John Crean, Senior Managing Director at TENEO Canada, take a deeper look at managing reputation: What are the best practices; how boards are trying to apply best practice principles under uncertain circumstances, and what might be the new set of practices and principles to emerge post-pandemic.

The Ethical Director

The Ethical Director: Responsibility and Governance

When using the word ethics in a sentence, there is often an inherent sense of understanding its true meaning -- but is that the case? Surely, ethics are black and white, no more complicated than right and wrong? On the surface, that appears so. However, ethics are impermanent, they’re not cast in stone – they are a set of moral principles, relating to or affirming a form of acceptable conduct as determined by a group of people.

The Evolution of Corporate Governance in Canada

The Evolution of Corporate Governance in Canada

Corporate scandals, executive misconduct, security breaches, investor activism, environmental and social impact management and the #MeToo movement have been dominating the news in the past few years. In times of rapid change, responsible and sustainable governance around ethics, compliance and fiduciary responsibility becomes more important than ever before.

Digital Leadership Summit Brief

Key insights from the third annual Digital Leadership Summit presented by The Degroote School of Business, Sep 20, 2017.