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The Impact of the Acceleration of Disruptive Technologies on Leaders and Boards

Guest panelist Mike Steep, Executive Director, The Disruptive Technologies and Digital Cities (DTDC) Program, Stanford University Global Projects Center for a conversation with Michael Hartmann, Principal of The Directors College to explore the acceleration of disruptive technologies, the ensuing opportunities and risks, and key impacts to business leaders and board directors.

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The Ethics of Innovation From the Boardroom

Michael Hartmann speaks to the National Post about the ethics of innovation and the boards role in understanding and exploring the long-term impact of innovation projects and the interconnection between technology, global opportunities and other systemic risks.

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What’s on the Board Agenda and Why CIO’s Should Care

On April 7, Dr. Michael Hartmann and select Alumni and Faculty of The Directors College participated in the CIO Association of Canada’s CIO Peer Forum on Leadership: Being Our Best in Times of Change. CIOs were presented with the items that are on the top of the board agenda right now.

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What Boards and Executives Should Know About A.I. Risks and Opportunities

In the February 9th session of the McMaster Collaboratorium, Principal of The Directors College Michael Hartmann was joined by Carole Piovesan, Partner & Co-Founder, INQ Data Law and Lloyd Komori, C.Dir., Faculty at The Directors College, and former Chief Risk Officer, OPG for an interactive session exploring the real and emerging A.I. risks boards should be paying attention to and ensuring that a plan is in place for A.I. oversight.

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Adaptation and Innovation in the Boardroom

The Directors College published an article featuring Lloyd Komori, C.Dir., Faculty for The Directors College special program Innovation Governance for Directors, and former chief risk officer and Dr. Michael Hartmann, Principal, in the National Post speaking to the acceleration of innovation and the importance of education for the Boardroom’s of tomorrow.

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Global Case Studies in Innovation Governance: An Australian and U.S. Perspective

On January 27, Dr. Michael Hartmann welcomed Kee Wong, Chair, The Australian Institute of Directors Innovation Committee (Australia) and Bob Zukis, Conference Board ESG Fellow & Founder and CEO, Digital Directors Network and Professor, USC Marshall School of Business (USA) to talk about how board directors and board associations are seeking to educate and prepare board directors for asking the right questions, and understanding the answers around digital innovation and its risks.

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Adapting Your Board to the Digital Age

Michael Hartmann, Principal, The Directors College and guest panelists Rob Burgess, Chair of the Compensation Committee, NVIDIA and Rob Siegel, Lecturer in Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business discussed the challenges to digitally transforming an organization and what role the board can play in supporting change at the November 25 session of The McMaster Collaboratorium.

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Experts Say Board Directors Must Adopt Open Innovation Mindset

Contributors to The Directors College programs Barry Libert and Kee Wong spoke to the National Post about the critical importance of innovation thinking in the boardroom and the importance of qualified directors who know how to ask the right questions.

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Risk and Cyber Security in a Time of Disruption

In the May 12 session in the Governance Evolution track of The McMaster Collaboratorium, Michael Castro, Principal and Founder, RiskAware Group and Lloyd Komori, Professional Board Director, Former CRO and Cyber Risk Authority discuss business continuity and cybersecurity challenges in evolving times with Dr. Michael Hartmann, Principal of The Directors College.

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Embracing Transformation or Why You Will Need to Replace 50% of Your Board

On April 28, in another installment of The McMaster Collaboratorium, Principal of The Directors College, Michael Hartmann and guest panelists Richard Counihan, CEO DigniFi and Barry Libert, Chairman and CEO, AIMatters, explored how companies will need to reexamine the competencies of their directors given the current and lasting ways in which markets are changing and business models are being disrupted.