Solar panels addressing the challenge of climate change with Elizabeth May

Addressing the Challenges of Climate Change in the Boardroom

On April 11, Principal of The Directors College, Michael Hartmann welcomed former Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May to Module 4 for a conversation about climate change and how leaders need to think differently in order to lead their organizations through the threat of environmental change.

national post article on key to inclusivity in the boardroom faces of many colours

Managing Behaviour and Bias in the Boardroom is Key to Inclusivity

The Directors College Alumna Christine Williams shares her experiences and insights into boardroom diversity and the importance of governance education.

businessman in blue suite shaking hands with first nation indigenous leader

Reflections on Inclusive Leadership: A First Nations Perspective

On February 2, the McMaster Collaboratorium was honoured to welcome Perry Bellegarde, C.Dir., Assembly of First Nations, National Chief for an important conversation with host Michael Hartmann to share wisdom on what businesses need to be purpose-led and make the topic of ESG a key priority for the good of all stakeholders and for the good of the planet.

national post article ESG amid global pandemic hands holding the earth

Environmental, Social and Governance Issues Come Under the Microscope Amid a Global Pandemic

Coro Strandberg and Bob Willard, Faculty of The Directors College, take a look at how companies and their board will be judged by their response to the pandemic and emerging ESG issues that will dominate the post-COVID environment.

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Harnessing Governance During COVID-19 to Accelerate Board ESG Oversight Now and Post Pandemic

On April 21, Michael Hartmann, Principal of The Directors College with guest panelists Judy Cotte, CEO at ESG Global Advisors and Coro Strandberg, President of Strandberg Consulting and Faculty of The Directors College discuss how boards can manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) components during the pandemic and how to better manage risk and generate sustainability long-term.

national post article header agile companies need educated board members four diverse people at boardroom table

Agile Companies Need Educated Board Members

Principal of The Directors College Dr. Michael Hartmann talks about the scandals that lead to the creation of governance education, the current socio-economic climate that is driving boardroom oversight today, and what will impact governance in the future.

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The New Environmental, Social, and Governance Imperative

Long-term value creation and the alignment of strategic objectives with financial objectives and overall success will need to remain the centre of the board’s agenda. In 2019, the issues that should be an integral part of corporate performance measurement are being driven by corporate social and environmental responsibilities and shareholder activism. Your board should understand the link between governance and corporate social responsibility (CS

report cover for sustainability from the conference board of canada

Canada 2030. Embedding Sustainability Into Corporate Governance

Ms. Strandberg is a sustainability governance specialist, with twenty years experience as a Corporate Director. She is a Faculty Member of The Directors College, conducting the ESG Governance module for its chartered director program, and for Governance Professionals of Canada, conducting the Sustainability Governance module for its chartered governance professionals program. She is a judge for Governance Professionals of Canada for its Sustainability Governance Award.