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Managing Behaviour and Bias in the Boardroom is Key to Inclusivity

The Directors College Alumna Christine Williams shares her experiences and insights into boardroom diversity and the importance of governance education.

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Pandemic Lessons and Tips for Boardroom Success in the New Normal

Recently, The Directors College Alumni were joined by subject matter experts for a discussion moderated by Michael Hartmann, Principal of The Directors College for insights into their areas of expertise for today’s board agenda and predictions on post-pandemic governance trends.

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Reflections on Inclusive Leadership: A First Nations Perspective

On February 2, the McMaster Collaboratorium was honoured to welcome Perry Bellegarde, C.Dir., Assembly of First Nations, National Chief for an important conversation with host Michael Hartmann to share wisdom on what businesses need to be purpose-led and make the topic of ESG a key priority for the good of all stakeholders and for the good of the planet.

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Agile Companies Need Educated Board Members

Principal of The Directors College Dr. Michael Hartmann talks about the scandals that lead to the creation of governance education, the current socio-economic climate that is driving boardroom oversight today, and what will impact governance in the future.

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The Educated Director

Governance education in Canada took root in the early 2000s in the wake of the institutionalized fraud and corruption that plagued North American corporations. Most notably, the Enron scandal, that resulted in the loss of billions in pensions and stock prices and drove the creation of new regulations and legislation to increase accountability, highlighted the need for stronger board governance.

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The Face of Governance is Changing

Diversity and inclusion have been a part of corporate human resource policies for a long time, but those policies have often failed to become part of the culture of an organization. Avoiding discriminatory practices is very different from actively building diverse workforces and leadership teams.

Infographic: The Current State of Board Diversity

Diverse boards are proven to have enhanced dialogue, improved decision-making, stronger risk mitigation/crisis management, higher-quality management guidance, and a more positive culture in the boardroom.