Perspectives from The Directors College

Facilitating Collaboration: Helping Board Directors Bridge Differences to Solve Tough Problems

The Directors College welcomed author and global expert on collaboration processes and 2022 Social Innovator of the Year, Adam Kahane, for a webinar focused on transformative facilitation, a structured approach for addressing complex and problematic situations, and how to work with your board to remove obstacles, bridge differences, and move forward.

Addressing the Challenges of Climate Change in the Boardroom

On April 11, Principal of The Directors College, Michael Hartmann welcomed former Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May to Module 4 for a conversation about climate change and how leaders need to think differently in order to lead their organizations through the threat of environmental change.

The Impact of the Acceleration of Disruptive Technologies on Leaders and Boards

Guest panelist Mike Steep, Executive Director, The Disruptive Technologies and Digital Cities (DTDC) Program, Stanford University Global Projects Center for a conversation with Michael Hartmann, Principal of The Directors College to explore the acceleration of disruptive technologies, the ensuing opportunities and risks, and key impacts to business leaders and board directors.

Purpose Governance: The Role of the Board in Developing and Overseeing the Purpose of the Organization

Accelerated by COVID-19, more organizations are discovering and defining the purpose of their organizations, to steer and navigate through turbulent times and unlock greater social and business value. There is also growing demand among investors, employees, and customers that they do so. This report addresses these issues and sets them in context.

The Directors College 2021 Annual Graduation & Alumni Event Recap

The Directors College was pleased to celebrate its Chartered Director program graduates and recognize their achievement at the virtual 2021 Annual Graduation & Alumni Event on October 6.

Managing Behaviour and Bias in the Boardroom is Key to Inclusivity

The Directors College Alumna Christine Williams shares her experiences and insights into boardroom diversity and the importance of governance education.

Pandemic Lessons and Tips for Boardroom Success in the New Normal

Recently, The Directors College Alumni were joined by subject matter experts for a discussion moderated by Michael Hartmann, Principal of The Directors College for insights into their areas of expertise for today’s board agenda and predictions on post-pandemic governance trends.

The Ethics of Innovation From the Boardroom

Michael Hartmann speaks to the National Post about the ethics of innovation and the boards role in understanding and exploring the long-term impact of innovation projects and the interconnection between technology, global opportunities and other systemic risks.

What’s on the Board Agenda and Why CIO’s Should Care

On April 7, Dr. Michael Hartmann and select Alumni and Faculty of The Directors College participated in the CIO Association of Canada’s CIO Peer Forum on Leadership: Being Our Best in Times of Change. CIOs were presented with the items that are on the top of the board agenda right now.

What Boards and Executives Should Know About A.I. Risks and Opportunities

In the February 9th session of the McMaster Collaboratorium, Principal of The Directors College Michael Hartmann was joined by Carole Piovesan, Partner & Co-Founder, INQ Data Law and Lloyd Komori, C.Dir., Faculty at The Directors College, and former Chief Risk Officer, OPG for an interactive session exploring the real and emerging A.I. risks boards should be paying attention to and ensuring that a plan is in place for A.I. oversight.