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  • The Educated Director

    by The Directors College Team | Oct 18, 2019
    Governance education in Canada took root in the early 2000s in the wake of the institutionalized fraud and corruption that plagued North American corporations. Most notably, the Enron scandal, that resulted in the loss of billions in pensions and stock prices and drove the creation of new regulations and legislation to increase accountability, highlighted the need for stronger board governance.
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  • The Ethical Director: Responsibility and Governance

    by The Directors College Team | Aug 30, 2019
    When using the word ethics in a sentence, there is often an inherent sense of understanding its true meaning -- but is that the case? Surely, ethics are black and white, no more complicated than right and wrong? On the surface, that appears so. However, ethics are impermanent, they’re not cast in stone – they are a set of moral principles, relating to or affirming a form of acceptable conduct as determined by a group of people.
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  • Governing Innovation

    by The Directors College Team | Jun 30, 2019
    The ability to innovate has long been the standard for high growth businesses, but technological advances have made it possible for companies of all shapes and sizes to innovate faster and more holistically than ever before, if they choose to. In a time of rapid change, corporate boards must evolve to embrace and support innovation and agile thinking.
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  • The Face of Governance is Changing

    by The Directors College Team | Apr 30, 2019
    Diversity and inclusion have been a part of corporate human resource policies for a long time, but those policies have often failed to become part of the culture of an organization. Avoiding discriminatory practices is very different from actively building diverse workforces and leadership teams
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  • The New Environmental, Social, and Governance Imperative

    by The Directors College Team | Mar 29, 2019
    Long-term value creation and the alignment of strategic objectives with financial objectives and overall success will need to remain the centre of the board’s agenda. In 2019, the issues that should be an integral part of corporate performance measurement are being driven by corporate social and environmental responsibilities and shareholder activism. Your board should understand the link between governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to support a sustainable organization.
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  • The Evolution of Corporate Governance in Canada

    by The Directors College Team | Feb 12, 2019
    Corporate scandals, executive misconduct, security breaches, investor activism, environmental and social impact management and the #MeToo movement have been dominating the news in the past few years. In times of rapid change, responsible and sustainable governance around ethics, compliance and fiduciary responsibility becomes more important than ever before.
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  • Canada 2030. Embedding Sustainability Into Corporate Governance

    by The Directors College Team | Oct 03, 2018
    Ms. Strandberg is a sustainability governance specialist, with twenty years experience as a Corporate Director. She is a Faculty Member of The Directors College, conducting the ESG Governance module for its chartered director program, and for Governance Professionals of Canada, conducting the Sustainability Governance module for its chartered governance professionals program. She is a judge for Governance Professionals of Canada for its Sustainability Governance Award.
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  • New partnership agreement between TDC and CAS – New pricing to obtain the reciprocal designation C.Dir. – ASC.

    by The Directors College Team | Aug 29, 2018
    Ten years after the first partnership agreement between The Directors College (TDC) and the Collège des administrateurs de sociétés (CAS), the two institutions have reviewed the terms of their agreement to make amendments to various items including the terms and conditions of obtaining the reciprocal designation C.Dir. – ASC and in particular, the price to obtain the designation.
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  • Infographic: The Current State of Board Diversity

    by The Directors College Team | Jun 21, 2018
    Diverse boards are proven to have enhanced dialogue, improved decision-making, stronger risk mitigation/crisis management, higher-quality management guidance, and a more positive culture in the boardroom.
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  • The Directors College Annual Graduation and Alumni Event 2018

    by The Directors College Team | Jun 10, 2018
    A recap of The Directors College Annual Graduation and Alumni Event 2018.
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  • 2018 Innovation Governance Program Recap

    by The Directors College Team | Apr 16, 2018
    A recap of The Directors College Innovation Governance Program that took place April 2018
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  • The Beach or Innovation Governance?

    by The Directors College Team | Apr 15, 2018
    Why one board member traveled from the other side of the world to become a member of the Innovation Governance for Board Directors Class of 2018
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  • A message from Dr. Michael Hartmann, Principal of The Directors College

    by The Directors College Team | Mar 19, 2018
    Dr. Hartmann shares a new and emerging theme that will be weaving its way through a number of The Directors College activities and programs in 2018: Innovation Governance.
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  • Innovation Governance: How Proactive is Your Board?

    by The Directors College Team | Feb 09, 2018
    Innovation is a priority for the Canadian Government and it needs to be a priority for Canadian companies as well in order to compete and grow. And, the board has an important and proactive role to play.
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  • Navigating Risk & Reputation in a Digital Age

    by The Directors College Team | Jan 03, 2018
    The new imperative of cyber awareness underlines the need for increased board diversity of all kinds – age, gender, communities, and skill sets. The Directors College’s short program on innovation governance which explores the value-creation, but also the complexities and risks of an innovation strategy. This balance should be the goal of any organization, and thus any board, she maintains.
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  • Digital Leadership Summit Brief

    by The Directors College Team | Dec 05, 2017
    Key insights from the third annual Digital Leadership Summit presented by The Degroote School of Business, Sep 20, 2017.
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