Frequently Asked Questions about Diligent

What is Diligent?

Diligent is a secure online corporate governance board portal that is used by boards of directors across the globe. This tool will provide Directors College participants with electronic access to course material.

How do I create a Diligent account to access materials?

An account will be created for you once registration for your first module has been approved. Login instructions will be provided to each individual user via email alert from The Directors College, and this login information will remain the same for all modules you take.

How do I access and logon to the Diligent?

All your course materials (including the pre-reading) will be available to you electronically on the Diligent Portal. You can access the portal in one of the following ways:

  1. Via web browser Type into your URL: go.boardbooks.com/dc. *For easy access through your Start Menu, you can also download the Diligent plugin (OneClick) by clicking on the link above.
  2. Via the dedicated iPad / iPhone / MacBook app Go to the AppStore on your Apple product and type into the Search field (top right hand corner): Diligent Boardbooks. The app will pop up. Download it onto your iPad. To get to the login screen, please enter “dc” after the go.boardbooks.com/
  3. Via the dedicated Microsoft tablet app If you use a Microsoft Surface tablet, you may install the Diligent Boardbooks app from the Microsoft app store and install it on your tablet. Once installed, type “dc” in the vacant field to get to the login screen.
  4. Via the dedicated Android app If you use an Android device, go to the Google Play store to download the Diligent Boards app, enter the site name “dc” and proceed to the login screen.

How do I contact Diligent for support?

Please contact Diligent’s 24/7 Global Customer Support at 1-866-262-7326 should you need assistance.