Continuing Professional Development

Chartered Director Program

Continuing Professional Development Requirements

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is required only for our Chartered Director Program graduates to maintain their C.Dir. designation.
  • Chartered Directors (C.Dir.) are required to have a minimum of 15 hours per year, totaling 50 hours within 3 years. Refer to upcoming events for CPD opportunities.
  • Requirements for Continuing Professional Development start one year following successful completion of the final exam.
  • Chartered Directors who fail to meet the requirements will be notified by The Directors College at the end of the first year of non-adherence.
  • The Chartered Directors Certificate (and right to use the designation) would be suspended if:
    • Chartered Director does not make a reasonable attempt to provide evidence that they are maintaining their CPD requirements
    • Fails to report CPD activities
    • Fraudulent reports of CPD activities
    • Fails to comply with remedial plans prescribed by the Education Committee

Activities for Qualifying CPD Hours

  • Relevant to enhancing governance skills and competencies
    • Quantifiable (ie. must be specifically identifiable and expressed time allocated
    • Directly related competencies needed to carry on directorship/governance activities
    • Relevant to current governance professional needs and/or longer-term interest of their governance/directorship career
    • Contain significant intellectual or practical governance content
    • Enhance their knowledge of boardroom and governance best practices
  • Offered through a credible learning institution
  • CPD Activities can include courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, post secondary classes, structure self study programs, guest speaking, reading and research, and on-the-job governance training
  • Current CPD Exemptions include:
    • Retired Chartered Directors who no longer carry out board service
    • Retired Chartered Directors must submit request for exemption with The Directors College
    • Additional requests for exemption would be reviewed on a case-by case basis by The Directors College Education Committee

Governance Solutions Continuing Education Subscription Package

Our friends at Governance Solutions have put together a series of easily accessible, online governance resources to help governance professionals meet their continuing education requirements.

This package includes a series of video training resources, along with leading recent governance articles and research reports.  This package contains well over 35 hours of continuing education that you can access whenever you want.  

These quality, relevant and current resources in governance and leadership are at your fingertips and updated periodically, making it very easy for subscribers to stay ahead of their continuing education requirements, and the governance curve.   

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