Continuing Professional Development

Chartered Director Program

Continuing Professional Development Requirements

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is required only for our Chartered Director Program graduates to maintain their C.Dir. designation.
  • Chartered Directors (C.Dir.) are required to have a minimum of 15 hours per year, totaling 50 hours within 3 years.
  • Requirements for Continuing Professional Development start one year following successful completion of the final exam.
  • Chartered Directors who fail to meet the requirements will be notified by The Directors College at the end of the first year of non-adherence.
  • The Chartered Directors Certificate (and right to use the designation) would be suspended if:
    • Chartered Director does not make a reasonable attempt to provide evidence that they are maintaining their CPD requirements
    • Fails to report CPD activities
    • Fraudulent reports of CPD activities
    • Fails to comply with remedial plans prescribed by the Education Committee

Activities for Qualifying CPD Hours

  • Relevant to enhancing governance skills and competencies
    • Quantifiable (ie. must be specifically identifiable and expressed time allocated
    • Directly related competencies needed to carry on directorship/governance activities
    • Relevant to current governance professional needs and/or longer-term interest of their governance/directorship career
    • Contain significant intellectual or practical governance content
    • Enhance their knowledge of boardroom and governance best practices
  • Offered through a credible learning institution
  • CPD Activities can include courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, post secondary classes, structure self study programs, guest speaking, reading and research, and on-the-job governance training
  • Current CPD Exemptions include:
    • Retired Chartered Directors who no longer carry out board service
    • Retired Chartered Directors must submit request for exemption with The Directors College
    • Additional requests for exemption would be reviewed on a case-by case basis by The Directors College Education Committee

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